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Proceeding of International Seminar - Religion in Cultural Diversity : Harmonization of Religious Life

Proceeding of International Seminar

Religion in Cultural Diversity : Harmonization of Religious Life



Table of Contents


Living in a Sacred Cosmos: Rituals, Myths, Ethics and Science in Indonesia

By Prof. Bernard Adeney-Risakotta


The Diversity of Religion and Culture : Existence, Actualization, and Integrity

Perspective of Hindu Philosophy

By: I Ketut Subagiasta


Consideration about Religious Diversity and Religious Conflict

in Indonesia Through Comparing with Phenomena in South Korea: 

In the perspective of historical and statistical, based on previous studies

By: Kim Sang Hee


The Concepts of Harmony and Peace in Dayak’s Tradition

As Reflected in the Philosophical Values of Huma Betang

By: Tiwi Etika


Siwalima and Tiga Batu Tungku:

The Ambonese’s Local Wisdoms in Preserving the Harmony of Life

By: I Nyoman Yoga Segara


Strategy In Achieve Harmony Religious Life

Nusa DharmaTemple in Benoa, South Kuta, Badung

By: I Ketut Gunarta


Tuturangiana Andala: The Trust Traditional of Makassar Island in Baubau City

in The Middle Of Globalization 

By: Syahrun and Arman


Building Cultural Traditions Based on Social Entrepreneurship to Strengthen

Religious Tolerance in Indonesia: An Experience from Yogyakarta

By: Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta


Hindu Concept of Plurality and Religious Harmony

By: I Wayan Sukabawa


The Harmonization of Religious Life Within The Multiculturalism in Indonesia

By: Mujiyono


The Dynamics of Indonesian Religion and Culture in a Global Context

By: I Putu Suarnaya


Ritual Practice Balian Ngansak In Dayak Lawangan Community as The Way to 

Develop Harmony Religious Life in Central Dusun, East Barito, Central Kalimantan

By: ErvantiaRestulita L. Sigai

Religious Reinterpretation In The Spirit Of Postmodernism

Towards Indonesia Harmony

By: Puspo Renan Joyo


The Religious Values of Nahunan Ritual of Dayak Ngaju Community

 In Central Kalimantan

By : I WayanSalendra


Assemblies Role of Religion to Maintenance Life Inter-Religious Harmonyin Denpasar

By: Ni Made Anggreni


Building Multicultural Values in Horizontal Conflicts

in Society of Lombok West Nusa Tenggara

By: I Wayan Wirata


The Tower Of Babel Episode: From Accursed To God’s Multiculturalism Blessing

(an Exegetical Study of Genesis 11 : 1 – 9)

By: Merilyn


Rejang Dance as Media of Spiritual Intelligence Development on Early Childhood 

(Towards Harmonious Religious Life)

By: Ni NyomanSudiani


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